Home | 3 bad habits causing vitamin deficiency.

“Good health” starts when you take care of yourself. Sometimes it is your own habit which deteriorates your own health. Today let’s find out what habit can lead to the risk of vitamin deficiency or drain up your vitamin store!

  1. Repetitive diet plan or lack of all 5 food groups consumption can result in poor nutrition status. For instance, if you do not receive enough iron, your body can become too pale and prone to anemia. This is because the amount and size of red blood cells diminish or the hemoglobin production reduces. Overcooked or burnt food is low in vitamins and lacks antioxidants.
  2. Certain types of food such as tea, coffee, freshwater fish, pickled fish or certain species of mollusk and alcohol remove vitamin B from your body. Eating these kinds of food regularly can reduce vitamin B1 absorption in the small intestine. The deficiency can affect the muscle and nervous system, leading to beriberi.
  3. Regular consumption of alcohol stimulates your body to remove water-soluble vitamins – vitamin B & C in particular – through urine. Drinking can contribute to vitamin B1 deficiency and decrease vitamin B12 production. Vitamin B12 is crucial to the formation of red blood cells. Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to fatigue and eventually anemia.

Apart from adjusting daily habits, it is vital to eat healthy nutritious food, exercise regularly and take enough rest. All of these can decrease the risk of sickness.

It is undeniable that a healthy life is important. A good diet plan is vital to receive all the necessary vitamins and minerals. You should consume cooked, clean and varied food in order to receive enough vitamins and minerals. But if you do not have time, we have an alternative like FBC Daily. It is a supplementary food of 9 different vitamins boosting energy and 5 minerals, including iron and copper, enhancing the production of hemoglobin and red blood cells. It is suitable for everyone in the family.  A pill a day will keep your body energized for work and daily activities. FBC Daily is now available at drugstores nationwide.