Home | Are vegetarians prone to iron deficiency anemia?

Vegetarians or vegans have a risk of anemia due to the lack of iron and vitamin B12. The deficiency is a result of no intake of meat product. However, consuming vegetarian diet has a lot of benefits to human body. It can prevent several health issues related to blood vessels. Vegetarians will just need to adjust their daily diet to avoid the possibility of anemia.

Vegetarian diet is devoid all flesh foods and consume only fruits and vegetables. This diet pattern is prone to anemia because of inadequate iron and vitamin B12 consumption. The consequence would be abnormally lower level of red blood cells, leading to paleness and fatigue.

Iron from plant-based foods is non-heme type while human body can usually absorb heme iron (which can be found in meat). Eating vegetarian diet for a long period of time simply lessens iron storage.  Vitamin B12, likewise, can only be found in animal products. Though this vitamin can be stored in human body for quite some time and minimal amount is required, cutting meat from the daily diet depreciates the store of vitamin B12 which is essential for red blood cells production. Insufficient of such vitamin and mineral increases the chance of anemia.

However, vegetarians can prevent the risk of anemia by:

  • Consume fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C to increase non-heme iron absorption.
  • Add milk and eggs to the diet to replenish Vitamin B12 which can only be found in animal-based food source.

In conclusion, consuming only fruits and vegetables can lead to anemia due to inadequate iron and vitamin B12 intake. Adjusting your diet by consuming food rich in vitamin C and adding milk and eggs to your meals can help prevent anemia risk.

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