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Deficiency of certain nutrients will show up the signs after a short time, but this is not a case of iron. Iron is a vital nutrient for producing hemoglobin that carries oxygen to the parts of the body. Also, iron is necessary for the metabolism of vitamin B. So, we cannot just ignore this nutrient and really have to watch out for the signs in our bodies and see if it has sufficient iron intake.

Monitoring the signs is very significant as we have to take in this nutrient to the body as we cannot produce it. Additionally, our bodies can absorb only 8% of iron to the blood circulation!

As discussed earlier, the signs of iron deficiency take time. If you have iron deficiency, you might observe some of the following symptoms:

  • Getting tired easily, weariness, and dizziness
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Tongue septic without any infection
  • Swelling of joints and feet, numb hands, and sting on hands and feet
  • Frequent and severe hair fall
  • The desire for strange-tasting food
  • Getting infected easily
  • Confusion and grogginess in certain situations
  • Paleness in skin, conjunctiva, nails, and tongue, sometimes almost yellow
  • Abnormal menstrual cycle

Based on the above lists, these symptoms can affect our lives DRAMATICALLY!! Consequently, we need to find a way for daily iron intake. Iron-rich food includes fish, duck, chicken, liver, spleen, seafood, meat, yolk, cereals, and green vegetables. And yes, on the other hand, there are some foods you should avoid as well, including your favorite coffee. Don’t drink too much, it will inhibit the metabolism of iron to the body.

We do believe that nobody would want a shortage of any necessary nutrients. Good health is truly the beginning of every good thing, work, and life. However, in a rush lifestyle, there are many things to focus on. We tend to ignore the whispers of our bodies. So, we should have something that we can rely on for good health. FBC Daily is a dietary supplement that contains 9 different vitamins that boost our energy and 5 minerals, including iron and copper that enhance the production of hemoglobin and red blood cells for everyone’s health in your family. A pill a day will keep our bodies energized for work and daily activities. FBC Daily is now available at drugstores nationwide.