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Staying alert and productive at work can ensure your success and give you opportunities for career advancement. Many factors can affect your energy levels, like diet, sleep, stress and level of activity. If you work long hours, learning how to maintain your energy levels can help you succeed in your work and balance your job with your personal responsibilities. 
In this article, we explain why it’s important to stay alert at work, provide 10 strategies to not be tired at work and share tips for building your overall energy levels. 

1. Get some exercise before work 

Exercise can help you activate your mind and generate energy, which can help you stay awake at work. Even doing low-impact exercises can help you focus before your workday starts.

Consider spending a bit of time outside or doing a brief stretch routine before heading to your office. Many exercise videos on the internet can show you best practices and poses to help you gain flexibility.

2. Use caffeine and sugar strategically 

While coffee and energy drinks can give you a boost when you’re starting your work shift, excessive amounts of these solutions can cause you to lose energy, especially late in the day. Consider reducing your caffeine and sugar intake or scheduling your coffee breaks in the morning.

3. Eat a midday snack

Eating a midday snack can give you an energy boost during your workday. If you begin to feel fatigued during your shift, consider eating a snack to replenish your energy levels.

4. Engage with your colleagues

Taking time to connect with your teammates and manager can give you a boost of energy and make you more excited about your work tasks. If you work in an office setting, consider coming in a bit earlier than usual to get to know your colleagues.

5. Use stress-relieving techniques 

Stress and tension can make us feel tired, so finding ways to alleviate your stress throughout the day can help you regain your energy. If you encounter a stressful situation, you might take an international break away from your desk, use a stress ball or other device to alleviate tension or perform a mindfulness activity. You can try a few different activities to find an effective way to release tension and restore your energy levels. 

6. Increase water intake

Staying hydrated is a simple way to combat tiredness during the workday. Start your day off with a glass of water, and be sure to drink water regularly throughout the day. You could bring a bottle of water with timestamp labels to ensure that you drink enough water over the day. If you want to increase your physical activity, you might use a smaller bottle and set a phone timer to refill the bottle from the water fountain at regular intervals. 

7. Optimize your schedule 

Learning which tasks take the maximum amount of energy can help you create a schedule that maximizes your effort and keeps you from getting tired. Reflect on your daily tasks and determine which ones are the most draining.

8. Listen to energizing music

In some jobs, listening to upbeat music can help employees increase their productivity and regain energy. Employees who work in data entry, reporting or other clerical areas might play music throughout their day, while other professionals might play a song to get themselves excited for the day.

9. Change positions if possible 

Standing or sitting in the same place all day can increase tiredness, so shifting or moving around can help you preserve your energy. If you usually sit at your desk, consider investing in a convertible desk, which allows you to stand and sit at different points during the day.

10. Brighten up your environment

Having more light in your workspace can help you feel more energized. Consider opening the blinds to let in natural light, turning on more lights in the office space or adding a lamp to your desk to brighten the area.